Parents’ Mind Magic

  • Parents’ Mind Magic

    This Program enables parents to learn Mind Magic techniques, which when learned and applied will give you and your children the power to control your thoughts, emotions and even events in your life enhancing mind power.

    The total sum of who you are has been a result of the programming or the conditioning you have had from birth right up until now.

    In this Program you will discover:

    What is Mind Magic?
    Persistence is the Key
    Be aware – The Power of Your Words

    Are you Conscious of your Parenting Style?
    What you Believe ….you Can Achieve
    Society Today

    The Power of Affirmations
    The Power of  Visualization
    How to Eliminating Negative Thoughts

    How to become your Children’s Emotional Coach
    Emotional Face Chart
    Affirmations and Emotions

    Visualization and Emotions
    How to help your child build a Positive Self Image?
    Hall of Fame

    The Importance of Acknowledgements
    Every Problem has a Solution
    The Art of Making Friends

    Mind Body Connection
    The Influence of Music on the Brain.

    • price: $175.00  
    Parents’ Mind Magic

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