Discover your Millionaire Mind Set

  • Discover your Millionaire Mind Set

    What is the mindset of a Millionaire? is a good questions to ask….so why wait to become a millionaire? After all you could win a million dollars in the lotto tomorrow. But is having money all there is to becoming a millionaire? Some may think so, however the reality is that unless you have a millionaire’s mindset you would probably not have that millionaire dollars that you won for long. I would like you to keep an open mind as you work through this workshop as you explore… What does it take to become a Millionaire?

    In this program you will discover:

    Why wait to become a Millionaire?  
    Discover your Mind Map
    Who are you really anyway?
    Explore your outlook on life
    Why your beliefs are so important?    
    Do you have conflict in your values?
    Whatever you can Dream you can Create!
    Check out your Attitudes…..Take the test!
    Find your own Power
    The Secret of Empowerment
    Escape the Perfection Trap
    Discover your Talents

    • price: $99.00  
    Discover your Millionaire Mind Set

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