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  • Children CDs

    The Metaphor Bedtime Series take your child on an adventurous Lifetime journey riding the Magic Carpet whilst addressing negative behaviour.

  • Books

    A focus on Family, Parenting and Self Development. The answers to the many questions you have! WHY? WHAT? HOW? WHAT IF?

  • Trainings

    To Know and not to Do is not to Know at All. Take the leap to Know more, to Do and to Have more…..

  • Lifestyle CDs

    Sometimes will power is just not enough – communicating with your sub conscious mind over rides the obstacles that have held you back.


About Lifestyle Plus Centre

Mary together with a team of Highly Qualified Professionals specialize in a wide range of positive disciplines, including, Counseling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Stress Management, Fitness, Health and Well-being, Life Coaching, Peak Performance Coaching, Yoga, Remedial Massage, Advanced Neuro Learning for children and even Business Leadership.

Life Style Plus Centre's Vision is to create a community where, without prejudice. we provide people with information creating an immense awareness to the resources, and wide range of positive disciplines available to them, which will support and enable them to successfully live life to their full potential