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Positive Parenting Tips

Fayek Azer - Monday, January 17, 2011

Positive parenting is the process of disciplining, promoting and supporting the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of your child. It is very important that we discipline our child in such a way that it teaches them responsibility. We can do this by motivating them internally; building their self esteem and make them feel loved and appreciated. As they grow they will not have a need to turn into drugs, gangs, sex to feel that they belong.

Spending Quality Time with Your Child
Your child’s development and self esteem is greatly affected by the quality of time you spend with them not the amount or quantity. You may be there by her side but you are not actually listening or hearing what your child is saying. You have to give your whole attention to your child and not pretending to do otherwise, or they’ll end up misbehaving.

Make Your Child Realize the Committed Mistake
We can’t avoid the fact that our children will try to test us using their tantrums, being angry or speaking to us disrespectfully. If this happens, try not to get angry or shout back, it is best if you leave or tell your child that you are just there if he wants to "try again." Remember, do not leave in anger or defeat, in this way your child will realize what he’s done and he will try to correct it.

Separate the Deed from the Doer Never tell your child that he is bad, that would surely lows down his morale. Help your child understand that it isn’t he that you don’t like but his behavior that you are not willing to tolerate. For a child to keep his self esteem, he must know that he is loved no matter what he does. Do not motivate your child by saying that you will not love him if he does something wrong. When in doubt, ask yourself: "Did my discipline affect my child in a negative way?"

Be Consistent
If you have made an agreement with your child not to buy candy when you go in the store, be consistent and never give in to hear tantrums and pleas. Be reminded also that you have to be in agreement with your partner. You have to fill in your partner in some things that you prohibit your child from doing in that way you will have a common stand. There are times that the mother will prohibit something and the father would allow. This is not a good example as the child will tend to make choices between his parents.

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