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Why do children from the same family turn out so often so differently from one another?

Fayek Azer - Friday, January 21, 2011
Why do some excel at school, show, show responsibility and respect and from up well adjusted loving human beings and yet their brother(s) or sister(s) may hate going to school, have learning problems, show no respect, are hostile, bully and display other problematic behaviour, and grow up indifferent to society?

These burning questions have haunted many parents for decades.  Many parents have said to me " I love them all the same way, and I treat them all the same way I just don't understand".  Some of these parents look for answers by justifying, lay blame on the child, themselves and others trying to alleviate their pain and anguish.

So what is the answer or answers to this question?

The truth is the answers are entwined in the intricacy of the way we parent the children.  We may parent the children the same wa7y, however what is often forgotten is that children are not all the same and they interpret our parenting differently.  It's for this reason that parents need to develop an acute sense of perception.  There are many resources available to help parents develop what they need to enjoy the rewards of parenting and we hope to introduce uou to many of the resources through the Lifestyle Plus Centre website.

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