Health & Well-being

One of the setbacks with living in our modern times is that it brings with it a high risk of degenerative diseases which were once associated with ‘old age’. Sun and pollution cause damage, which can result for many in premature aging. Stress and managing day to day activities put extra pressure on our time. Despite this people still abuse their bodies.


HOW HEALTHY is your life?

Many modern scientists believe nutritional deficiency is a major cause of today’s diseases (heart attack, heart failure strokes, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, emphysema…) With inadequate nutrition, our bodies degenerate faster than they should. A body built lacking nutrition is like a car made with cheap materials-it falls apart. Discover here what choices you have.

weight loss

Excessive eating lack of exercise, smoking and alcohol are still major abuse to health. Here at the Life Style plus centre website you will find valuable information and support to assist you to be physically fit with the energy and stamina to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Explore natural health with confidence

Healthcare has certainly come a long way over the past decade. Apart from Traditional Medicine, which has made phenomenal scientific breakthroughs, more and more people have investigated and experienced first- hand the practical results that are available through Natural Healthcare.

Natural Healthcare encompasses a wide range of therapies which when used can improve any aspect of your health to live a more vibrant, fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Beauty is much more than skin deep

Understanding that beauty is a journey of the mind, body and spirit to a place of wellness and strength that transcends all ages is the first step to inner and outer synergy Just like life, beauty knows no boundaries. The skin reflects the state of health of the body. Therefore, true health and beauty require a synergy of internal and external nutrition, as well as protection from oxidation damage.
About Lifestyle Plus Centre

Mary together with a team of Highly Qualified Professionals specialize in a wide range of positive disciplines, including, Counseling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Stress Management, Fitness, Health and Well-being, Life Coaching, Peak Performance Coaching, Yoga, Remedial Massage, Advanced Neuro Learning for children and even Business Leadership.

Life Style Plus Centre's Vision is to create a community where, without prejudice. we provide people with information creating an immense awareness to the resources, and wide range of positive disciplines available to them, which will support and enable them to successfully live life to their full potential