How to Beat Children at their Own Game

  • How to Beat Children at their Own Game

    'The first Trouble Shooting Book of its kind'.

    Written by Mary Johnson, a Life Coach, Health Counsellor, Trainer in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapist. Mary is a Mother of two and a grandmother of 7.

    This book will not only open the door to clarity about straightforward parenting skills and purposeful solutions it will surprise and reward you with re-enforcement about your own skills.

    This book, written answering a number of Why? What? How and What If? question, will not only open the door to clarity about straightforward parenting skills and purposeful solutions, it will surprise and reward you as you discover how to observe, interpret and handle children’s day to day behaviour and behavioural problems.

    Parenting is not really rocket science… people have been making babies forever… yet generating awareness towards a particular parenting style could be the single most powerful trigger to fulfilling a better future for both the children and that of parents. This book will create that trigger and reinforce those amazing inbuilt skills of every day parents.

    Upon consulting this book parents will be given the means to assist their children to develop:
    Good Value
    Strong Character
    Intellectual Potential
    Emotional Stability
    Family Values
    Pride in their Culture
    Good Health etc.

    If you have… know of someone who has… or think that someone needs such a golden gem, then this is the book for you!

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    How to Beat Children at their Own Game

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