Point of Difference – A Career Advancement Course

  • Point of Difference – A Career Advancement Course

    It only takes one thing, one event, one thought, one act of kindness, one act of violence, or one Defining Moment to change everything.

    Your decision to purchase and apply the techniques in this Training work book will be the one thing that will empower you to produce extraordinary results. You have the power to change the game you play and to control the size of the game you play.

    Use the techniques contained in this work book to expand your rulebook and reach outward with new strategies and skills to gain understanding in new areas.  By doing that you will forge opportunities you never thought possible and the Playing Field of your game will expand.

    Most of all learn to believe in yourself and your ability to create magical reality.  Because reality is only what you choose it to be.

    In this training Program you will discover:

    How to Expand Your Playing Field    
    Discover your Mind Map    
    What ever you can  Dream you Can Create!
    Finding your Power
    The Secret of Empowerment
    The Rules of the Game 
    The Filtration Process
    Representational Systems
    Design Your Career Destiny  
    Goal Setting & Goal Achieving   
    Establish Rapport: 
    The Key to Big Money
    Useful Tips for Building Rapport
    How well do you Deal with Put Downs?   
    Flexibility is King
    Tough or Tender – How do you Score?   
    The Emotional Triggers
    Emotional Words that Open Doors
    Reframing – The Power to Shift Reality
    Objections, What are they really saying?
    The Six Step Formula to Overcome Objections
    Solutions to Most Common Objections
    What to do before you Close the Sale
    The Salesperson’s First Aid Kit for Survival
    Head Heart or Feet – What is your Style?
    Evaluate Your Leadership – Know your Strengths & Weaknesses
    What is your Leadership Potential?
    How do you Measure Up?

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    Point of Difference – A Career Advancement Course

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